Three Reasons to Invest In Promotional Products

As a small business ourselves, we are always looking for fun and new ways to get our brand and name out there, to increase our market reach and strengthen our reputation. And we do know a thing or two about product promotion… it is our line of work after all! 

That's why we want to share with you our top three reasons why  ‘old school’  promotional items can - and should! - be included as part of your marketing efforts! What do we mean by ‘promotional items’ exactly? We are talking tangible objects that have your very own company name, logo, colour scheme, tagline and basically any element that forms your brand look and feel. 

And what ARE these items that we speak of? They can be anything from trusty business cards, coasters, postcards, calendars, pens and tote bags to more creative objects such as USB sticks and stress balls.

  Thank you cards

Yes, you may be thinking, ‘Hang on.. isn’t it a DIGITAL world that we live in now? Isn’t it all about our online presence? You know, Instagramming, websites, blogs and the like?’ Indeed, that is true. Hey, we are an online business ourselves! Yet there is most definitely a very important and necessary role for real life, see-with-your-eyes, hold-in-your- hand promotional items. Read on to find out more...

More exposure for your business

Physically getting your name, logo and tagline in front of people’s eyeballs is one of the most effective ways to make a lasting impression. The more your potential customers see your company, the more front of mind you can be compared to your competitors. Consider investing in everyday useful and portable items like coasters, postcards or calendars. Each time they go to grab your coaster or check the date, they are reminded of your company! Take a look at our Print Collection page for ideas and inspiration on how you can get your brand out there!

scratch cards

Increase your brand recognition

Golden Arches? McDonalds! Apple with the bite missing? Apple! Just do it? Nike! Having your strong and memorable logo constantly in front of your customers not only keeps you front of mind (as per our first point) yet it also increases the likelihood of your customers quickly recognising your brand elsewhere and ultimately leading to sales. Brand association not only helps create a clear idea of what your business is all about, but it also establishes what your customers know and understand about your company brand.

foiled business cards

A cool addition to a business card

We at Long Story Short Design and Print LOVE a beautifully designed, well-made business card on quality stock. Yet we also appreciate the value of a package (take a look at our most popular branding packages when you have a mo!). Instead of simply handing over a business card at events, conferences, meetings or pitches, consider a business card AND a snazzy branded USB or tote bag or calendar. Your prospective clients will feel extra special walking away with extra goodies from you!

We do recognise that it can take a small investment to purchase promotional items and have your name and logo printed onto them. Yet it is an investment that can really go the distance when it comes to marketing your products and services! By giving away these items, potential clients will have a piece of you with them all the time. Even if clients don't get in touch with you immediately, they will continue to see the item you gave them and over time it could lead to increased market reach, which is your ultimate objective!