File Types

File types and what they can be used for

At Long Story Short, we send design files to our clients in four different file types. Hopefully this will help you better understand the difference between these file types, so you can choose which one to use, to meet your ever-evolving needs, in your business.


A .PNG file has a transparent background (it can be laid over the top of something else and still ‘blend’ in!) These file types are perfect for web use, or as watermarks. Because they are low in resolution, they are not normally suitable for print. However, because many labels are so small feel free to send them to us and we can have a look and see if your PNG file will work for your labels

Best for: web use and watermarks.


A .PDF file is best for printing, especially if you want specialty print.  They can also be viewed in any image viewer (like Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader), making them easy to share and download. A PDF file is the best option when we need to edit your design. For example, if you have a black label but you want it white on your logo files, we will need either a PDF or EPS. 

Best for: sharing, editing and viewing.


Because .JPG files are small, they are great to use on websites because they require less loading time (meaning that your site will work more quickly!)

Best for: web use.


.EPS is a vector format that can be edited and resized using Adobe software (note that you won’t be able to open this file type unless you have the correct professional software). Ideal for printing, these files can be modified to different sizes, while still maintaining print quality. 

Best for: editing, resizing and printing.