Our vinyls and printed products are the creme-de-la-creme in the industry (we hear this 10+ times a day!)

Quality is important to us! We don’t offer cheap alternatives -  only high quality at a ‘value for money’ price. With low MOQ’s we make it easy and affordable for you to introduce a new product to your customers without huge financial outlays or commitment. Here’s a list of our extensive vinyl options, complete with pretty pictures so you can choose the best option for your brand!


premium vinyls

Matte Vinyl

Matte Vinyl is one of our most popular vinyls. Sheek, sophisticated with a matte finish gives your labels and products a casual and premium feel.

Our Matte Vinyl has 7 years durability and a permanent adhesive

gloss vinyl

Another one of our most popular vinyl is sure to impress with its high gloss finish. Perfect for the brand that wants to dive deep into the ‘design pool’ and have their graphics take the limelight. Top shelf, this vinyl exude professionalism and quality.

Our Gloss Vinyl has a 5 year durability and a permanent adhesive

Clear Vinyl

Available in a glossy clear, and a slightly frosted matte clear, these premium vinyls are great for those who wish to showcase the product inside or have their packaging shine through.

Our clear vinyl options can feature black ink, white ink and colour.

We only have one earth. We need to do whatever we can to protect and sustain it for our children and generations to come. Every little bit counts, including the choices we make for our labels and businesses.


These products have been tried and tested not only by us, but by our customers too!

Until now there have been VERY limited Eco product label options that are sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also durable and waterproof - Because your products deserve the very best.

Mirror Print foil & Matte foil

Our foiled labels ooze elegance and class. Eye catching and of exceptional quality, these labels are perfect for the boutique brand who wants to grab attention and turn heads.

Available in Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Platinum (black), Magenta, Red, Green, Sky Blue and Dark Blue mirror print.

If mirror print might be too much, and you are looking for a beautiful metallic look, go for our matte foil! The best part? We can achieve ANY colour.

textured vinyls


Monument is the most beautiful, with hints of sandstone and rough terrain. Suits a luxe natural or eco range. 


Plaster of Paris is perfect for the art deco range. If you are wanting something a bit funky then this is the perfect option for you. 


Linen is our most popular textured vinyl. It adds ultimate class and sophistication to your products. Keep your designs simple and let the vinyl do the talking

Eco Egyptian Cotton

Introducing Egyptian Cotton, a sustainable alternative and part of our eco range, that exudes sophistication with its subtle linen texture.

Available in Woodgrain, Pleather, New York, Stargaze and Mineral Effect. These are laminates that we can add to our regular matte vinyl.


A new, fun and unique range here at LSS. Our frosting range features 4 colours and is a little bit of fun! These vinyls have a coloured kind of transparent forsted look.

Fairy Floss & Blueberry Shortbread

Lemon Biscotti


some of our other specialty options..

BRUSHED Gold, Silver, Rose Gold

The perfect way to give your brand a modern twist. With a slightly ‘brushed’ finish (hence the name), this vinyl looks classy and edgy, all at the same time.


A favourite here at the studio, our vibrant hammered gold vinyl is both edgy and sleek. This vinyl photographs beautifully and is a favourite for many of our modern brands!


The ultimate in chic, our gold leaf vinyl is luxurious and lavish. With slight patterning that gives a gentle textured appearance, this vinyl is classy and very easy to photograph.


Unique and statement making, this vinyl adds a real W-O-W factor to products and sets them apart from the rest! The holographic effect throws off a constantly changing constellation of colours, and the glitter adds a special sparkle.  Available in glitter and regular holographic


Spotgloss is a clear varnish that can be applied to your labels in specific areas. Spotgloss is an amazing way of making certain elements of your artwork POP, and can be applied to any of our vinyls. 


Laminated labels are perfect to protect against harsh oils. This can be applied over the top of all our vinyls for that extra protection.

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