Eco Range
We are proud to introduce to you our new Eco Range!

We at Long Story Short Design and Print recognise our role as stewards of our precious environment, and we take it seriously.

We only have one earth. We need to do whatever we can to protect and sustain it for our children and generations to come.

Every little bit counts, including the choices we make for our labels and businesses.

This is why we have sourced a range of eco products for you to use on your gorgeous items! These are environmentally friendly, high-quality AND affordable!

These products have been tried and tested not only by us, but by our customers too. And we are excited to finally share them with you!


Eco Matte

Our Eco matte is a recyclable vinyl that uses Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified pulp. 

What does this mean? The FSC ensures responsible and sustainable management of the world’s forests. So you can feel sure that your labels are helping the greater environmental good.

Eco Linen

Going green does not mean you need to skimp on beauty. Our Eco Linen vinyl contains PET (or polyethylene terephthalate plastic) - this is a material made from a plastic resin and a form of polyester. These labels are recyclable, eco-friendly AND gorgeous!


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Eco Business Cards

We have sourced a 100% recycled uncoated Ecostar paper stock that looks and feels crisp… ensuring that your logo, contact details and design stand out for the right reasons

+ 350 EcoStar - 100% Recycled

+ Unocated, Gloss or Matte finish

+ Printed 1 or 2 Sides

+ MOQ: 250

+ Size: 90 x 55mm


Eco A6 Thank You Cards

Using Ecostar 100% Recycled cardstock, our Eco A6 Thank You cards are a fantastic way to do your bit for the environment AND show off your brand in its best light. 

+ Uncoated, Matte or Gloss. 

+ 350 EcoStar - 100% Recycled

+ MOQ: 250

+ Size: 148x105mm

* Cards are coated on one side only, if you would like a double sided option please contact us for a quote.


Eco Logo Labels

Complement your products and packaging with our eco logo labels! These are perfect for adorning your products in an environmentally friendly way.

We can print your logo in any size on one of our eco vinyls - matte or linen

+ Water proof

+ Oil-proof

+ MOQ: x10