Setting up your artwork

General Artwork Specifications
Checklist for client supplied artwork. Please make sure
you have checked all the below before sending your label
designs to us to print.
For all of the below, where you need to match a colour for consistency please make sure you provide us with the CMYK Pantone colour. Without this we cannot guarantee colours printed will match other printed collateral you may have. If you are not able to provide a Pantone, you are welcome to send us a colour sample (like a sample label) and we can look up the closest Pantone for you.

 Matte Gloss or Clear Premium Labels

Clear label recommendations
Only WHITE or BLACK ink will print opaque on clear vinyl. If you wish to use colour, you will need a white ink underlay to block out the colour, which will print transparent. Please contact us for more information regarding this or see below for setting up your file for white ink.
File type
We accept PNG or PDF. However, we prefer PDF. Please make sure all fonts are embedded
(outlined) if sending a PDF design. 

Artwork quality
300dpi minimum

All designs must have 3mm bleed, if you are unsure of how to
do this, simply make sure no text or crucial elements are within
3mm of the edge of your design as they may be cut off. If using Canva to design, save as a 'PRINT PDF' then select 'ADD BLEED AND CROP MARKS'

Label Size and shape
Please make sure your design is set up to the correct size. We
can scale your design up or down, but if it does not fit in your
measurements we will charge a layout fee to edit. As an example, a rectangle label will not print square and vice versa.

Font sizing
As a general rule we recommend not going below a size 6, this
includes the size of text in any of your icons.

We recommend not having very thin borders close to the edge. If the label prints out of alignment then it will be noticable. 

Spelling and grammar
We will not proof your label, so make sure there are no errors
before sending them to us.

File name
Please name your file with:
1. Name of your product
2. size of the label
3. quantity you would like us to print of that particular design
For example:
Exfoliating Salts (60x40mm) x 100
Full coverage Black Labels
If your labels are full black, please ensure your CMYK colour breakdown is:
 C = 0, M = 0, Y = 0, K = 100
Any more ink than this and it will be too heavy. Please also ensure your text is not too thin, as black ink has a tendency to fill in small text. 

Textured Product Labels

Colours tend to wash out on textured stock. Please ensure you do not use lighter colours. Colours will wash out on texture labels by about 30% so always darken your colours by about 50%. As an example, white text on a pale pink background will not work. Black text on a pale pink background would be recommended rather than white text on a pale background.
Fine details
We recommend not using small text or small details on textured labels. Any fine detail will not print well on texture. If using line art again, make sure it is in a contrasting colour to the background.
Text Size
We recommend NO small font, especially on linen and monument. We can still print food or skincare labels with the ingredients etc, however make text as large as you are able within the parametres of the design.

White Ink or Foil Product Labels

Setting up artwork files for foil or white ink product labels
Make sure all elements of your design are vector
All fonts to be outlined
Follow all other specifications above
Some other notes
+ Foil stock is notorious for affecting the colour, so for foil labels we always recommend you provide us with a Pantone colour to ensure it prints as per expectation. If you don't have access to this information, you can also mail us a sample of the colour you would like to achieve. 
+ As above, foil washes out colour slightly, so if you have a light coloured background please darken it by 20%

Standard Business Card/Swing Tag File Setup

Setup Please ensure you supply your artwork to us with front and back combined into a single PDF file.

2 Sided Business Cards

Page 1 will print as Front

Page 2 will print as Back

NOTE – Gloss and Matt Lamination on 1 side will always be treated to Page 1 of your document.


Please make sure your files does NOT contain a border. Borders on business cards will most likely print off alignment. 

Spot UV/3D Foil Business Cards

When ordering Spot UV, we require a 3 Page PDF.

Page 1 will be the Business Card side which requires the Spot UV to be applied.

Page 2 will be the Reverse side of the Business Card.

Page 3 should be Spot UV to be applied to Page 1 ONLY (using a spot colour marked Spot UV).