Our Design Process

Hello and we are excited you are here to learn about the LSS process! Here I wanted to explain a bit about how our design process works.

If you are wanting custom work done then you have come to the right place! Some people like purchasing through our webstore, and others like talking through the design process, and we are totally happy with either, so please feel free to email, or message us on our socials and we can advise the best way to go about your order. Sometimes having a good old chat is exactly what you need. 

If you were wondering how it all works though, I thought I would explain it!

Once you browse, do some research and decide on what product you are looking for, you can purchase it right here! If your order is a bit more complicated get in touch with us, and we can quote then invoice you to make it a little bit easier.

After you place your order with us, we will be in contact with you within two business days. We will probably have a load of questions for you, as well as a form or two to fill in if you purchase a logo or branding package. We will give you a bit of homework so be prepared!

At this point we will probably tell you how long our design queue is (usually it is between 3-7 days depending how busy we are). Once we are up to you in the queue, we may come back if we need some clarification, and then off we go! 

Then the fun begins! We will send across concept designs, and we will talk through them. We will workshop the concepts together until you are happy with the final outcome. We will then send you a final proof. This part is REALLY important. It includes all the information which we will print, or setting up in the files. Make sure that you have studied every part of it. It is often a good idea to get a fresh set of eyes to give it a look over as well. 


If your order includes printing, then at this point the artwork is handed over to the print team. We like to work on a 3 day print turnaround from acceptance of final proof. This isn't set in stone though, if your order is larger, or we are in our busy time of year then we will take a bit longer. If you do have a deadline let us know, the more we know, and the earlier we know the better we can prepare for it. 

Design files

As you may know, for the purposes of affordable design, we provide two services - design both with, and without files. If you purchased design without files, but after a time decide you would like to print yourself, or take to another printer then this is absolutely fine. We subtract what you have paid from the full design fee and you only have to pay the difference. We offer this discounted rate of design as a means to make design easier, and more affordable. Many businesses do buy their design files and this is totally fine also. 

Should you buy the files, it would be at this point that we set them up and send them to you.

And that is it! We can't wait to work with you so please get in touch and let us know what we can help you with.