It's what we do all day, every day! If you have an idea, and need someone to design it for you, we are here to help.

These days, having a professionally designed product label and packaging is the most fundamental part of making your product stand out in the market. Whether you need a little bit of tweaking, or need a complete overhaul, our Graphic Designers are here to help.

At LSS we have three different label design options. Please read on for more information.

Or, if you prefer speaking with a team member about your needs, get in touch by using the form at the bottom of this page.

We have Three label design options...
This is for you if:

+ You know the shape and size you need for your labels

+ You know the aesthetic of the design, you just need us to bring it to life.

+ You have a smaller budget, and happy to work online via email with our designers.

We recommend this package if you know what you are after, but would love to add our creative and professional touch. This is our most popular option.
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Our second label design option is our
Comprehensive Label Design
This is for you if:

+ You need help from us with measuring your products

+ You prefer to work via zoom, rather than email to create your perfect label.

+ You would like a bit more one on one time with our designers.

+ You require a bit more assistance overall.

+ You aren't 100% sure what you would like in terms of your label aesthetic.

We recommend this package if you would like a little more guidance.
Our third label option is our
Canva Label option
This is for you if you:

+ Want the ability to change scents or blends quickly by yourself.

+ Know the label size and shape you need

+ You know the aesthetic of the design, and you just need us to bring it to life.

We recommend this package if you want the creative flexibility to edit your designs when it suits you.

The process of designing your dream product labels is super easy, our design team have created 1000's of labels for brands across the world.

Our designs are often labels for candles, skincare, make up, bath, body and hair, aromatherapy and food products but we can design absolutely any label you need.

The best part? We can print your designs for you to add to your products!

How does it work?

After you fill in the quote form we will get back to you with a quote. Upon acceptance of the quote we will send you some briefing documents to fill in.

Once we have received your full brief it will go to our designers, who will draft a concept based on your brief. Remember, the more information you give us the more we have to work with in creating your dream label. It is best to send all of this in ONE email so no emails are missed!

We always send ONE label at a time to avoid any confusions. At this point you have the opportunity to make revisions, check for any mistakes. As you approve each label we will move on to the next.

Once all labels are designed we will send a final proof to give it one last check over. And once approved we will either send you the files if you purchased the files, or send them to print if you purchased printing.

Get started

We have added a quick and easy form below for you to fill out with a few details below for our customer service team to provide a quote. We will be in touch within the same business day in most cases (make sure you check your spam!). Once we quote and you approve it, we will send an invoice. Upon payment our team will send you some briefing documents to get the magic started.

Once we receive your briefing documents back the design team will work their magic and send off their design to you for feedback and approval.

You will receive emails every step of the way and we are always available to answer any questions.

Labels we have created