Let us explain..

Our core purpose is to create a world where there are no limitations for business of any size.  To do this, our mission is to make branding for all business sizes simple, affordable and beautiful.

We have been there, and we know how hard it is, so let us join in on the story of your brand. 

We aren't your every day printer or designer. We aren't here to tell you what your brand should look like, what fonts to use or colours to include. Instead, we are here to build your vision, to bring to life what you see when you close your eyes and think about your business. We use a series of questionnaires and forms to get to know you and your brand. From here, we brainstorm behind the scenes and deliver a product that you will be blown away by. 

We speak your language

We speak your language and have developed an experience that small businesses can use to step off on the right foot. Our low minimum order quantities mean that you don't have to commit to large orders, or invest all of your capital. We allow you to test the waters with your product in the market first, but will stay beside your side as you grow and flourish

We also love to see you get creative, and these days there are so many ways to flex your design muscles even if you don’t know how to use design software. We all have an inner creative, and using the amazing options available such as Canva means that if you want to, you can be the idea creator, and we can bring them to life. We could either use these designs and print straight from them, or for those times that you do need a little more design help, we are there for that too and can use your mockups as a starting point for our design.  


Want to know more about us and how we got here? Click here for the story so far. ABOUT US

You can use our services in a multitude of ways.
1. Have your own designs? Amazing, email us the files and we can print!
2. Want to print at home or using your local print shop? Absolutely, we can provide all files for you to make your own arrangements. 
3. Want the whole works? We can design AND print, to streamline the process and make your job so much easier. 

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 for all other inquiries please contact us at hello@longstoryshortdesign.com.au

Unfortunately we do not offer face to face meetings or phone calls, however we would love to hear from you via email.