Hi, we are Jes & Cynthia, and together we are Long Story Short I Design & Print.

Jes has spent over 10 years in sales and and marketing, and Cynthia is a Graphic Designer and Printer by trade. Together we have built a service that can benefit every part of your business. We believe every business, no matter how big or small should have equal access to quality branding, in quantities you need. No minimum order requirements, and affordable prices means that we can provide for even the smallest of home businesses a chance to have professional and streamlined branding.

We like to think of ourselves as more than just a Designer or Printer, we want to be a sounding board for your ideas, unlike other companies we LOVE to be involved. 

We are constantly looking for ideas to diversify and keep our offering relevant and unique. If you have any ideas for pre-made designs, or something we can offer on the website, please let us know. We will even do the design component for you for FREE as a thank you for helping us to stay unique!

Unlike other large printing companies, we are different. Because we, are just like you. 

While Jes' husband was at university most nights, she started what began as a small candle business. While practicing her craft, she met many amazing craftiers and artisans. She noticed a current theme, there were SO many great ideas in the community but no avenues to help these creatives bring them to life. This got us thinking, why not provide design and print wholesale services to our like minded counterparts?
A strong industry means that we can all succeed. But to stand out in such a saturated market, our branding needs to be trendy, and speak to those we want to purchase from us. 

Our aim is to provide affordable design and print to help you get your brand out there. We pride myself on being accessible all hours of the day and night (within reason!) and put my heart and soul into helping you achieve your business goals. We LOVE that I have something to offer those who helped so much on our Candle journey. and we LOVE watching your businesses grow. 
If you would prefer to contact us with questions about your design before purchasing please feel free to email us, or contact us on our facebook page, and we can set you up a custom listing if you have a more complicated brief, or a few products you need. We are always open to bundle discounts if you are ordering a range of items.