Packaging design
We've partnered with Odin Printing to bring you short run packaging boxes.
Our goal is to bring you a start to finish experience, and we believe we have done it again! Let us help you create packaging boxes that will help your products sell!

From only 50 pieces, this is an incredible opportunity to add to the professionalism of your brand.

You can contact Sam at Odin Printing by emailing:
How does it work?
To create your packaging design, all we need is a template. This could be from Odin, or another chosen printer.

1. If working with Odin, your first step will be to contact them so they can give you a quote. They will ask you a bunch of questions to create a template for you.

2. Once you have your template, email it to us and let us work out magic. We can either design the packaging to your current labels, or we can create a completely NEW design.

3. Once locked in, we will send you the PDF, which you can send to Odin to print.

It's very easy!
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Candle Boxes

We can design boxes for your candles. Are you worried about all the different scents you need boxes for? Never fear, we can design the box to allow a section where you can individually label the fragrance on the box! This way you only need one design.

Other packaging

We can create a box design for your skincare, aromatherapy, or any other product you may have! Any shape, any size. We will just require the template from your chosen printer.

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