Tools & Resources


We’re always on the lookout for helpful tools, resources and programs our clients can use to help them grow their businesses. This ever-evolving list contains the ones we love and use regularly!  

Branding & design

CANVA - Canva is an easy-to-use tool that makes design easy! From labels and business cards, to swing tags and brochures - everything you could dream of designing, you can create in Canva. With easy to use ‘drop-and-drags’, templates (for almost everything!), education and more, Canva has all your design bases covered - no experience necessary! We even welcome downloads from Canva so if you choose to D.I.Y your designs (please just make sure you follow our design specs!). We've actually created a CANVA MINI COURSE for you to learn all the how to's of Canva and even design your own labels FREE. You can download it HERE.

- Created by us for YOU! And we KNOW candles.. we say this because on our founders Jes ran a very sucessful candle business singlehandly before LSS! In this guide you'll find the 101 of starting your very own candle business, branding & a guide to our printed products to make your brand stand out. You can download your FREE guide HERE

TINYPNG - TinyPNG is essential if you have your own website! You can use TinyPNG to compress images for your website to load faster and use less bandwidth. Visit TinyPNG's website HERE


SNAPSEED - Snapseed is a photo editing app that is easy to use and FREE! With lots of features, effects, fonts and filters to choose from, Snapseed will help you create professional looking images without having to have any experience, or invest in an expensive program! We love using it to edit our social squares! You can download Snapseed from the App or Google Play Store.

STORYLUXE - Storyluxe is our favourite app for making our social mediastoriesreally *pop* and look pro! It’s easy to use, and contains lots of helpful features and functions. It’s also free (with in app purchases available) which we l-o-v-e. If you’re ready to stop people in the midst of their ‘story scrolling’ then this is the app for you! You can download Storyluxe from the App or Google Play Store.

LATER - Looking for a social media scheduling program? Look no further! Later allows you to visually plan, schedule, and analyze all your social media content in one place. Not only will scheduling your social media save you time, it will ensure that you’re always providing regular content to your followers, and doing it with ease! Later has a free option which, for some brands, will perfectly meet their needs. You can download this app from the App or Google Play Store.


CREATIVE MARKET - This comprehensive platform has all your bases covered! From photos and graphics, to fonts and templates, Creative Market has it all! You can view the Creative Market website HERE. Just be sure to read all their licensing information!

THE HUNGRY JPEG - The Hungry JPEG (how cool is the name?!) offers thousands of premium graphic design resources. From unique graphics to stand out fonts, they are a great one-stop shop! Visit their website HERE. Also before sure to read their licensing information too!

ADOBE STOCK - Adobe Stock has stock assets galore that will make your designs stand out! You can view their website HERE.


BUSINESS.GOV.AU - Who would have thought a government website could be so helpful (hehe). The Australian Government Business site is a good little one-stop-shop to find out about ABN’s, trademarks, business names and tax requirements. It’s important to get these foundations laid properly from the get go so we suggest investing time into exploring this site and wrapping your head around things early on in your business journey! View their website HERE.

IP AUSTRALIA - This is the place to go to find out more about, and apply for, a trademark. Super helpful! You can view their website HERE.

PRIVATE LABEL SKINCARE - We highly recommend our friends from Private Label Skin Care to all our skincare brands! They offer a wide range of courses to support skincare businesses at all stages of their growth and development - from startup to established, they have all your educational bases covered. And no, you don’t need to be a PLSC client to study with them! Their courses are open to everyone! Browse their courses HERE.

SKINCARE BUSINESS FOUNDATIONS - A go-to for all Australian skincare brands! Jennifer (the woman behind the biz) offers all kinds of support and services to new and established skincare brands. From label review (because (cosmetic labelling requirements in Australia can be complex!) to e-commerce audits, and a Skincare Business Foundation course, Jennifer and her team will take great care of you. You can view her website and learn more HERE!

COPYWRITING - Our go-to copywriter here at LSS HQ is Che Johnson. She’s warm, a quick worker, and she knows her stuff! Che can create all the copy you need to get your products seen and in the homes of your dream clients. Website copy, blog posts, online courses, social media copy - you name it, she’ll write it! You can visit here website HERE.

MARKETING FOR WOMEN IN BUSINESS FACEBOOK GROUP - There’s a lot of Facebook groups out there for women in business but this is, by far, one of our favourites! It’s supportive and there’s lots of opportunities to learn and share. Visit the group HERE.


SHOPIFY - While there’s lots of website platforms out there, Shopify is our favourite pick for e-commerce brands! Shopify is really easy to use, they provide great templates and, because they specialise in e-commerce (as opposed to platforms like Wordpress and Squarespace), everything is set up to help you sell! Big Commerce also has great reviews so we suggest checking them out too! Lean more about Shopify HERE.

XERO - Xero is our go-to accounting software! Once you’re familiar with the platform, it’s easy to use and makes life … So. Much. Easier (and less stressful come tax time)! Visit their website HERE.

HUBDOC - This program makes life feel easy! Hubdoc extracts key information from your receipts, invoices, and bills without you having to waste your time doing data entry! Visit HubDoc HERE.

DUBSADO - We are Dubsado mad around here! Dubsado is a business management tool that will make your life and business feel so much easier AND save you A LOT of time! From sending contracts and invoices, to scheduling automations and booking appointments, Dubsado is a winner in our eyes! View their website HERE.