How to store your vinyl Labels
If you have ever worked with us, you know how vigilant we are with our processes. We hold our quality control standards EXTREMELY high - from our customer service, to our prepress checks through to our printing and packing.

Once you receive your beautiful labels in your letterbox, the quality control doesn’t stop there. 

We want to ensure that you are preserving and storing your works of art in the correct way, so you get the best out of your labels.

Our tips for storing your vinyl labels

Keep your labels in an air-tight plastic container.
These are very easy to find. Officeworks or Spotlight offers a wide range of affordable containers of different shapes and sizes
The key word is AIR TIGHT.
It is crucial that your labels have minimum exposure to moisture. Unfortunately, once the adhesive is exposed to any humidity it can affect its stickiness, and there is little to nothing that can be done about this.
Keep the labels in the air-tight container in a cool, dry place.
If you leave your air-tight plastic container in sunlight, even for a few minutes, it can penetrate the box and affect the adhesion.

Store your labels in an air-conditioned space if possible to help manage the humidity levels.

Label storage is an often-neglected detail, yet it is JUST as important as the design and printing stages.

It is extremely important that you follow these instructions. If you do not store your labels in the correct way, it can be quite detrimental to business.