Three Tips to Help Make your Brand Stand Out

“Be Yourself - Everyone Else is Taken”

When designing your logos, labels and social media images, one of the most common questions we receive is ‘how can I make my brand stand out from the crowd?’

We get it. There are lots of small businesses out there in the marketplace. You want to know that your products are getting noticed (for the right reasons) and that your best features are on display!

Let’s be honest - we all know in our minds how amazing our products and services are! Yet what can be tricky is translating ‘thoughts and feelings’ about your fabulous business into tangible websites, products and labels.

So how can you get there?

Here are three tips to help you communicate how amazing your brand is, and help it stand out out from the crowd

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Tell Your Unique Story

Stories create emotional connections. When people feel certain emotions, it allows them to have a deeper experience with the person, place or product that they are exposed to, and ultimately want to find out more.

Your business story is unique to you. No one else on this planet has the exact combination of your personality, your history, your experiences AND your business. Your story deserves to be told, and it is through this that you can forge meaningful connections with your customers and promote your amazing products!

Not sure how or where to start? We suggest beginning with WHY you started your business in the first place. Are your candle scents inspired by your childhood love of the ocean? Perhaps your skincare products focus on new mums with sensitive skin, based on your own experience. Even if your story is simply that you love making bath salts or candles for people, that’s perfect! Keeping it simple is often best.

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Know Your Strengths and Differences

How well can you explain your business to someone that knows nothing about your product? We recommend writing a list of keywords that describe what’s positive and different about your brand. Perhaps it is your amazing label artwork, or your personable communication style. Or it could be your free shipping policy or complimentary gift-wrapping service. Whatever your unique features are, make sure you yourself know them like the back of your hand, and can recite them easily and enthusiastically!

Which leads us to our next point..

Be Confident in Your Brand!

Once you have identified your brand story, strengths and differences, OWN THEM! Make sure they shine through all of your communication touchpoints. Whether that is via your specially designed logo, your tagline, your label branding or your social media posts - be clear and direct on who you are and exactly how your products add value to your target customers.

And be consistent! From your fonts to your colour palette, from your tone of voice in your Instagram posts to your Thank You card message.. every customer touch point should be fairly uniform in its look and feel. Think of it like one gold thread running through all elements of your brand! That way, our customers can immediately recognise you when they see your product at a market or read your social media post. It is an excellent way of building brand awareness and ultimately fostering confidence and trust in your products. (You can also check out our Design and Print Packages for more on this topic!)

Remember - you cannot be everything to everyone. And that’s ok! You want to attract the right customers to YOU, and ensure they keep coming back. If your customers can see that you love your brand, then they will feel that love too!

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One Final Thought..

Remember, your brand is an extension of you. Your brand story, communication style, colour scheme and designs should be natural and authentic, not forced or contrived. We find it is super helpful to do an ‘emotion-check’ when visiting your brand. If it doesn’t feel like something you would say to a friend, consider another approach. People can tell immediately when something is coming from your heart!