How to Apply Labels: Our Step-By-Step Guide

Labels on table

The day has come…your gorgeous labels have finally arrived in the mail!

Now it is time to apply these beauties to your gorgeous products!

But how can you ensure that your labels go on smoothly and easily - and without those dreaded bubbles or creases?

After much trial and error, we have come up with a comprehensive list of label application methods, to help you have the best-looking products in town!

Check out our step-by-step guide on how to apply labels..

Step 1: Find a clean, dry space

Did you know that moisture is one of the worst things for label adhesion? We recommend setting up your label-applying activity in the least humid area in your home or work space. Make sure that the room is a comfortable temperature - not too hot, not too cold.

Step 2: Clean your products!

It sounds obvious, yet you’d be surprised at how quickly your bottles, candles and jars can gather teeny, tiny specks of dust and moisture droplets. What’s more, they are not necessarily visible to the naked eye! And these can certainly affect the adhesion of your labels. 

Using a clean, microfibre cloth and a touch of rubbing alcohol, wipe down your products thoroughly. As soon as they are dry, you can start to apply your labels!

Step 3: Let your labels get to room-temperature

If your labels have been exposed to extreme heat or cold, this can affect the label adhesion. Perhaps you have accidentally left your labels in direct sunlight or - heaven forbid - inside the freezer (hey, it’s amazing what you can find in the freezer .. car keys, anyone?) Make sure your precious labels are at room-temperature before you start peeling and applying.

Step 4: Place your product on a smooth, steady surface

This is another obvious tip, yet you’d be amazed at how many wonky table legs have led to a messy label application! Check that your table or stand is stable and secure before commencing.

Step 5: Carefully remove labels from the backing paper

We recommend holding your label by its edges to minimise touching the sticky part of the label

Step 6: Apply from the middle of the label

Once you remove your labels from the backing paper, hold it securely on both ends and align it with the area of the product container you want it to appear. Press down firmly in the middle of the label. Slowly smooth out one side of the label from the middle to the end. You can use your fingers in an up-down motion to get rid of any bubbles. Then do the same thing with the other side of the label. 


Instead of your fingers, you can use an item with a straight edge to help smooth out the labels. Rulers, credit cards are ideal, as they can also help with label alignment!

Step 7: Hooray! Celebrate applying your gorgeous labels!

Step 8: Store your freshly-labelled products in a cool, dry place

Similarly to Step 3, keep your labelled beauties out of direct sunlight or cold temperatures whilst the stickers adhere to your products.

Step 9: Be patient!

We recommend waiting up to 24 hours for the labels to fully adhere before handling them. 

Extra tips for applying labels:

  • If you plan to use your products in a photo shoot, be sure to store them out of the sun or heat.

  • Try NOT to touch the adhesive side too much! We use vinyls that have excellent adhesion, yet too much handling can reduce its stickiness over time

  • Clear vinyl labels can show bubbles and creases more than other vinyl types

  • If you accidentally apply your labels in the wrong place, if they are not straight or are creased - do not fear! You can gently peel back and reapply our labels again. Please note that each time you peel it off it does lose some adhesion, so we do not recommend you repeat this more than once.

If you're more of a visual person, watch our video How To Apply Labels

printing labels

Some fun and important facts about our vinyls:

Our Vinyls

Quality is extremely important to us. What’s more, it is crucial that the vinyls we offer are not just beautiful to look at, yet are practical for your products.

All of our vinyls are water and oil proof, perfect for those of you whose products are kept in the bathroom or contain oils.  No need to worry about any pesky splashes of water or oil droplets affecting your labels!

However, please exercise common sense! This does NOT mean you can fully immerse your labelled products under water for hours on end, or give them to your kids as bath toys (even if they insist)!

Want to see our vinyls for yourself? Order one of our sample packs for only $2! Or visit our website to read more about our selection vinyl Options – Long Story Short Design and Print

For those of you that sell oil-based products:

As you know, some oils can be more corrosive than others. Our labels can resist the majority of commonly-used oils. Yet, if you are feeling unsure,  it’s best to check with a small print run of labels. We have low minimums so you can test before you invest!

If you are concerned about the resistance of your labels to extreme sunlight, water or oil, we do have an option to add an additional laminate coating. Email us at for more information or a quote!

Eco Labels

We have recently introduced a new range of environmentally-friendly labels - eco and eco linen!

These are made from recyclable material, and are FSC- certified. What does this mean? The FSC ensures responsible and sustainable management of the world’s forests. 

IMPORTANT: eco is not vinyl. They are the only labels that are not water or oil resistant, so please keep this in mind when ordering.

Happy Labelling!