How To Adapt and Flourish Your Business During Lockdown

Firstly, whether you are a long-term customer, a newbie to the family or simply taking a glance at our page, we at Long Story Short Design and Print want to sincerely THANK each and every one of you for your amazing business and are all fabulous!!

We agree, these are certainly very strange times, and unprecedented ones at that. We are all adapting to a new ‘normal’ that is pushing us into professional and personal territories that we have never ventured into before (nor imagined!).

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This means that - now more than ever - we MUST keep our spirits high and focus on what makes us happy and energised… which includes our beautiful businesses! 

It is no doubt tempting to look at finances and potentially see where we can shave a few dollars off here and there, to help cushion the initial impact during these tougher times. It is natural to have a knee-jerk reaction when the future seems uncertain, and money is typically the first thing on the list.

Yet what we need to avoid is falling into the ‘Save a Penny, Lose a Pound’ trap - we want to future proof our businesses and ensure that we aren’t doing ourselves a disservice in the long-run, purely to save a few dollars in the short term.

We must remind ourselves that this situation WILL end soon and it’s crucial that we are ready and raring to go once it is over!

What’s more, life is continuing on (albeit differently) and there is still opportunity to market our businesses, perhaps slightly differently!

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So we’ve put together a few tips for you to keep your business thriving during lock down:

Keep connected with your customers on social media

With more people turning online for their purchasing needs, there is no better time to ramp up your posting! Whether that is showing off your existing products, giving sneak-peeks into the behind-the-scenes working of your business or promoting special offers, make sure you are consistently sharing with your audience so that you remain top of mind! 

If you’d like a hand with your socials, let us know! We can help design profile pics, banners, squares - and much more! - for your Facebook and Instagram pages! Take a look here for more info :)

Take advantage of the down-time 

If you can afford to take a small break from the day-to-day marketing, this can be the ideal time to re-visit your brand! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to revamp your logo or colour palette, or update your packaging - well now is as good a time as any! 

If you’ve been pondering this approach take a look at our Branding Packages or get in touch with us at for more info!

Consider going Old School!

With more and more people staying at home, it’s likely that they’ll be running to check the mailbox to get out and grab some fresh air! So why not stand out from the (online only) crowd and distribute some gorgeous flyers or postcards? 

Consider incorporating fun or interesting content alongside your product marketing. And if you’re doing the letterbox drop, it will get you out of the house and moving a bit too! :)