Have you been thinking about taking the next step in your business?

Hey guys! Jes here. I thought I would write a blog post about those scary words REBRANDING. We get told SO often 'we have really wanted to take the next step but we just don't know how! Don't worry, you aren't alone. One of the beauties of our rebrand packages is that it is a journey we go on together. Even if you are unsure of what direction you want to take, we can help. I wanted to explain the process of our rebrand packages so you know what to expect!

We usually start with just talking about your brand. We discuss with you what 'look' you want for your brand, what products you sell, and how you want your brand to look to your customers. This gives us a pretty good idea of how to tackle the big bad rebrand. Once we have a good idea of what you are going for, we start on the logo. We have heaps of options for your logo: emblem style, minimal, handwritten, illustrated, the possibilities are endless! We have 3 different designers on our team (all overseen by us), so we have a few different styles to choose from also. This part usually takes a few days. We get back to you with 3 or 4 concepts, and a color pallet or mood board to see if we are on the same page in terms of your overall branding. 

Working on the logo probably takes the longest time of the whole package - as it is the beginning of the journey where we are learning what you are wanting, and you are also developing a taste for design and where you see your brand headed - this can often change from what you want at the beginning of your branding journey! After a bit of back and forth, we will finally get the winning logo!

Next step - the labels! Once we have the logo, and the branding colors, this part is where the fun begins. We discuss with you the wording you need on your labels and the size. All the information we have a collection up until this point means coming up with a label design that you love is usually pretty on point! Though don't worry, if it isn't quite what you are thinking just tell us, and we can always try again (though I have to be honest - this is the part we usually nail!). After a few small amendments, we come to the final label design And then can do up the rest of the variations. It is important for you to make sure you are 100% happy with the initial design, as making design changes once we have set up multiple files is very time consuming and fiddly. We will send an initial proof to check to spell, and then a final proof to check quantities and vinyl stock. Once confirmed we send to print!

Now for the rest of the job! We will ask for your business card details, and any other ideas you have for your socials, thank you labels or anything else you need. Once all done we set up your files and send them. Don't forget, you have 20% off any extra printing you need for the next 30 days, from the day your package is finalized. 

If you are thinking about starting a rebrand and taking your brand to the next level, please don't be scared. We are here to help! Even if you want to message us with your ideas but aren't ready to take the leap. We love hearing your ideas, it gets our creative juices flowing too, we always have so many ideas in our head we want to try and you coming to us gives us an opportunity to do so! We are looking forward to hearing from you! Jes xx