Designing A Powerful Logo Can Boost Your Business Growth

Have you ever walked in a room of thousands of people, and you suddenly see or encounter a familiar face? If yes, then you must have noticed that you don’t remember her/his name at first instant, but you do identify them by their physical appearance. Now, what is the process that helps you in recognizing that particular person? When you see his face, your eyes will capture the image and send it to the cerebellum portion of your brain (a part of the human brain that plays a major role in processing memories). And, only after this process, you are able to recollect or remember the name.

The same case applies to the logo of any brand’s service or product. The moment someone set eyes on the logo, they can associate better by which brand it serves or whose product or offerings are those. It can be considered as the face of a company or a visual entity which can help reconnect with any brand that is in question.

Moreover, a logo can generate a better understanding, awareness and the familiarity in the consumer's mind and these may further help produce a point of differentiation from the other business competing in the same target market. Therefore, if the consumers fail to recognize your brand, how will they associate with you? You must have known that when there’s No brand recognition, there’s no association! Thus, it underlines the importance of logo in business and what role it plays in a company’s overall branding process.

Furthermore, when a person goes to a market he finds out a plethora of products and services. In a time like these, just once glance on your brand’s logo can help yield a slide show of images that project your brand’s name, purpose, and motive in the consumer's mind. Now, you may argue that the same purpose can be fulfilled by the taglines and the marketing lines, right? Well, the taglines can create such effects but not always.

What if a person is in a hurry and has no time to read out loud all the contents? Or what if he gets too hard to interpret the meaning projected by your marketing lines? Speaking of the taglines, it was found out in a report that the image is known to produce more results than the actual text alone and why not? We are in an era where more reactions are stimulated by the visual graphics. No matter which company, or how large or small it is in size of operations, everyone has their distinctive logo. Needless to say that in today’s age where business experience competition at every step or stage, having a well-crafted logo is not an option, it is a necessity!

Moreover, a consumer or a customer attention time span is too short. A person only by looking on the image can interpret the marketing strategy or the company’s name and vision. Such is the power of a logo. It can be referred to as a visual cue that allows the business to communicate the message you want your business customers to know when the time is not in your favor. But, when a logo is able to offer such branding advantages, it should not be used lightly. In simpler terms, a logo should be an amalgam of right designs, cues, and colors that, on the whole, allow a user to read & comprehend it (the right message) without any other problem.

Often a person would invest all of his energies and resources into developing or creating a business empire, and in such circumstances, he would not think much about creating a business logo. But, there will come a time when this logo will be your business identity even when the words fall short or fail to produce the required action. This is because it is a vital part of the business selling process. These logos happen to take an important position in the visiting cards, pamphlets, banners, products packaging, and documents and even on websites. Thus, it finds a place in every other business sales tool. In such cases, it weaves a connective thread of professionalism or trust in the minds of the consumer for that particular business and that’s the importance of a good logo.

This happens due to the fact that with the help of a logo a consumer gets a chance to understand you and your brand better. When this happens, you know you have won that competitive edge over the others.

Wait! There is a plot twist- it’s not easy as it actually seems to be. The above-mentioned things can be only achieved with the help of a carefully designed powerful logo. A right logo can make you look like a business that’s been in the market for over a while. Therefore, it helps to attract a lot of customer attention. But, what is the right or ideal logo for a company? Are there any cheat codes to design one? You may have understood the role it plays in your business empire growth but it is very important to know how to design one that acts a catalyst in accelerating the business overall sales and promotion. Yes, you read that right. A logo doesn’t take part directly in the selling process but it does have a say in it. The following text is the right guidelines that you should note when designing your company’s logo-

But, first, take a paper and jot down the answer to these questions-
1.  Why are you in the business
2.  What’s makes you unique?
3. How is your selling different than the rest?

And, when you have all the right answers, you can follow these steps to design a logo that is the right graphical or visual representation of your brand.

1. A logo should be such that it is EASY for the customers to understand

2. It should be able to convey to whomsoever, who you are and what you do. This is because only when a customer gets this message clear, he can trust you more.

3. In the case of small businesses, nothing comes easy. Every step should be carefully taken and should be such that it generates a positive impression. And, this can be done with the help of right logo design.

4. The typographic and the graphic elements should not invade or overpower each other spaces. There should be symmetry or coordination which allows both of these items to stand out individually and appear more appealing to the masses.

5. The logo should be unique and distinctive than the rest. This is because when a logo is such as mentioned above it acts as a crowd or customer attracting the magnet.

Even though these points are all you need to craft a good and attractive logo, it is advised to hire a professional. This is because you can’t take chances when it comes to your business branding and marketing.

Moreover, a wrong move can create a negative word of mouth for your business. And, as it is said time and again, a logo is the core foundation on which your business branding is laid upon. It is highly recommended that you actually take a lot of considerations while drawing these. If you are well persuaded by the purpose of a logo or the part it plays in accelerating the business growth then you should contact or trust a renowned name. In these cases, Long Story Short Design and Print happens to have all of your logo designing and branding related solutions.

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