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Hi, we are Jes and Cynthia,

While Jes's husband was at university most nights, she started what began as a small candle business. While practicing her craft, Jes met many amazing crafters and artisans. She noticed a theme, there were SO many great ideas in the community but no avenues to help these creatives bring them to life.

Our mission is to create a design and print experience small businesses can enjoy.

This got us thinking, why not provide design and print wholesale services to our like-minded counterparts? A strong industry means that we can all succeed. But to stand out in such a saturated market, our branding needs to be unique, and speak to our individual target markets.  Our aim is to provide affordable design and print to help you get your brand out there.

We LOVE having something to offer those who helped so much on our Candle journey and we LOVE watching your businesses grow. 

Our Team


Cynthia is our in house Graphic Designer. Originally from Singapore, and now living with her 3 kids, 2 dogs and husband in Melbourne, she has a passion for all things design and Illustration. Cynthia likes to work in the background, but without her LSS would not be possible, her creativity and unique ideas are what helps LSS to stand out.


Jes is probably the one you have spoken to on social media, she manages all the workflow, and helps Cynthia with the design process. She lives in Sydney with he daughter, dog, and husband. She loves all things business, and loves being able to help small businesses reach their potential. Originally working in the Pharmaceutical industry in sales and marketing, she has been able to apply a lot of what she has learnt to helping LSS customers grow their own businesses. 


Phil runs our Sydney print studio. He prints most of the custom bulk orders, white ink and specialty vinyl jobs. He also looks after the production of business cards and other card orders.  He has worked in the print industry for 40 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge to our team. He also happens to be Jes' dad!


Ugin runs our Melbourne print studio. He looks after all decals, website ready made orders, scratchies, and also helps Jes in the design process. Before working at LSS Ugin worked in business processes and web development, so he is our in house website guru!