Our Values – Long Story Short Design and Print

Our Values

We speak your language,

and won’t try using technical jargon throughout the process, I mean truth be told we wouldn’t even know what technical jargon we would say! We have been where you are, and we are on your level. We are straight shooters who won’t “fluff” up our words to try and sound like something we aren’t.

Size doesn’t matter

– we know what it is like to be little fish in a big sea, and we want all our customers to feel like big fish all the time, with every interaction. No matter if you are a business is ordering 10 prints, or 100 prints, we won’t treat you differently. All our customers are of equal importance to us in this community.

Solution-focused and not afraid to push the boundaries

some of our best new product lines have come from customers asking for something that we didn’t have AT THE TIME. There is nothing that we won’t try to do for you, no boundaries that we won’t try to push to continue providing businesses with everything they need for their suite. We do things other printers don’t. Why? Because you asked. We do things differently at LSS

We don’t settle for okay

and that is why we work with you until you are 100% happy with your design. The steps we take at the start of the design process often mean that we are able to get it right the first go, but, we are also only human which means we aren’t perfect ALL the time. If your design isn’t perfect the first go, please don’t be shy and let us know. We value your honesty as we don’t believe that anything should just be okay, so by letting us know we can delve in that little bit deeper to make sure that your brand looks perfect, not just okay.

We don’t compromise on quality

while we want to make this process as affordable as we can, we also know how that a big part of branding looking beautiful has to do with the materials used. That is why we never compromise on quality for a cheaper print, and would never stock anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. Our products are the best, we are happy to gloat about this.