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Our Founders



Jes is an experienced business manager with a double degree in accounting and business analytics……. is what we would be saying if we were trying to impress investors or corporate suits, but that would be a lie. What our co-founder is, however is so much more. Jes is a young entrepreneur who began her journey into self employment by making candles on the side of a demanding full time sales role. The candles needed labels though, so Jes started making her own labels for her candles, where she then thought, hey, why don’t I offer this to businesses similar to me?.

Slowly, Jes began to listen to what small businesses needed, and began to increase the products that she offered. It wasn’t until Jes had her first child though that she realised just what they could do with Long Story Short Print. What else does one do on maternity leave but build an empire? Through Jes’s relentless work ethic while raising a newborn, and passion to make things happen, she was able to make the decision to turn her vision into a full time reality, and never returned to her day job.

Unlike Jes, our co-founder Cynthia has always had design as her flavour. She is self taught having worked in design for over half her life. Cynthia is the more mysterious quiet half off LSS who loves working behind the scenes making things beautiful while Jes steers the ship.

One might even say that it was this quiet and mysterious half of the team that really was the springboard for planting the idea of what LSS could be. Cynthia used to run a design and print studio printing labels for small candle businesses, just as Jes started to look into options for her small candle business. It was this connection that began writing the pages of our story, which is why we know just how important the connections you make along your journey are.