Logo Design Options

Our mission is to help make creating beautiful aesthetics for your business simple and easy. So we have created three affordable options at three different price points, to suit all styles of businesses.



The Short Story Logo Design Package

Investment: $300

This option is for the brand who wants a text only logo (think logos like Google, Coca Cola and Tiffany and Co.!) While these logos are only text based, our creative design team can ‘jazz them up’ to really catch the eye and make your products stand out from the crowd using your choice of fonts, styles and colours!


The Flex Logo Design Package

Investment: $400

Our most popular package, this flexible option is for you if you:
Want to add a small illustration, line drawing or icon to your logo
Want a monogram (such as the brands like Warner Brothers, Gucci and Chanel), or
Want to include hand lettering.

The Illustrated Logo Design Package

Investment: $600

If you’re wanting something really unique that captures the eye, then this is the package for you! With an illustrated image that represents your brand and speaks directly to your dream customers, your logo will *pop* and your brand will get recognised!
We work with three amazing illustrators who each have their own unique style and can work intimately with you to bring your greatest vision to life!