How did we get here? – Long Story Short Design and Print

How Did We Get Here?

Would you believe us if we said that..

this was never the plan?

We noticed that there was a gap in the market for small to medium high quality print runs, and we jumped on the opportunity to provide businesses with this option that we believe is such an important element to get started.

We began as just two ladies with a vision, one product in our range and one small printer under Cynthia’s staircase. Fast forward five years, and we now have two printing studios with several state of the art machines, and a full design and print team, consisting of our permanent team as well as several freelancers.

At long story short print we see branding like a book, each page has different imagery and different sentences. Alone these elements all tell a different story, but when read from start to end, they amount to a story. A story with characters and a plot, just like a brand. The job of good branding is to make sure that no matter which page your customers read, they can see this story, recognise your character and trust in what you are about. Good branding is simple, succinct and streamlined through every area of your business.

BUT – we aren’t hear to tell you how YOUR brand should look. We want you to tell us how you see your brand, and we will bring that vision to life for you. We are not here to create your brand for you, what we are here to do is listen to what you want for your brand, and help you write that story.

This is our story so far, but alongside our customers, we will keep writing the pages.